5 Reasons a Mini Session can help relieve stress and anxiety

My Clients sometimes struggle with the stress and anxiety of a full family photography session! That's why I put together this list of why a mini session can provide a sense of tranquility so you can enjoy the best experience with your family.

Fall mini-photo session. family farm fall afmily photography

1) Saves Time

With Session times of 15 minutes it relieves the stress of blocking out a large chunk of time from your busy day. It's easy to arrive, share some smiles, jokes and laughs then call it a wrap.

Family photography near Deming NM.

2) Short Attention Spans

Young kids can not sit still or stand in one place for long periods of time. Short burst are the best option to bring out those genuine laughs and smiles or smirks we all want to remember. Lets face it even Teenagers, Husbands and Grouchy Grandparents don't want to smile for an hour.

3) Seasonal Sessions

Sessions are run in a condensed block of time following the changing seasons so it is effortless to update photos around a life event or milestone, have Images for Holiday cards or invites, or prints to give as gifts.

Seasonal mini-photo session for holiday cards. family farm near deming nm

4) Saves Money

Since Mini Sessions are about half the price of a full family session, With a split payment option of 50% at time of reservation and the rest a week before the scheduled event makes it friendlier on the wallet.

no stress less aggravation, family mini photo session

5) Less Aggravation

Lastly all the details like location, seasonal theme and time are taken care of. Most photographers even have a style guide to help with your family to look your best.

So you, the wonderful Mom that you are, can bask in the serenity of a treasured moment with your crazy family.