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Photography is a passion

HI! Im Julie Wormald and this is my crazy family. Through all the trials of raising two very independent kids and a stubborn Navy Vet as a husband, I learned to approach life with much love, compassion and comedy.

I'm the one to break out a kid joke or song lyric to get the laughs and genuine smiles. This is where Photography comes to play. I want to give you those treasured moments to remember years from now.

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Preserving the Legacy of Love Across generations

Love Letters Through Time

Photographs are a Love Letter through time. Some of my most treasured heirlooms are my family from generations before I was born. Seeing something as simple as my eyes reflected back from a picture is priceless. My Great Grandfather's legacy is my gift.
Capturing The Beauty of Family Love Letters Through Timeless Photographs.

Where It Started Imigrating Photography

George W Hames came to Massachusetts from England in 1890. His profession Photographer.

He taught his trade to his son, Robert Hames who opened a Photography studio and retail store in a small booming town off the Miller River.

Family Portraits & Photojournalism

Robert and then his son(Uncle Bob) captured historical events in the town, Class photos for the local schools, and many families through the years. Still on display through the generations, in our homes and establishments in his small Massachusetts community from the early 1920's.

Graduation picture, B&W from 1974

4th Generation Landscape Photographer

Mary, My mom dove into photography through a local community collage course. She taught me the love of nature and the beauty of landscape photography.

With the distinct smell of processing fluids in a spare bathroom she produced breathtaking still life images and landscapes

mom and daughter studio Black and white photo

5th Generation Landscape & Families

Coming full circle.

The digital era. With new technology at our fingertips.

I enjoy using the resources of today to bring a timeless feel to some of the images we capture. From East coast to the West coast, study adroad, and a family grown, my camera has captured it all.

Family Love Letters Through Time

100+ years of Photographs

Our most Treasured Heirlooms are over 100 years old. These timeless art pieces are Photographs of my Great Grandmother and her sister. The Photographer behind the lens was Robert Hames, My Great Grandfather.
Through Photographs we can send our Family Love Letters through time.

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I know how much you want to hold on to every second

this time with your kids is so important

I know how much you want to hold on to every second

Watching my own kids grow and mature into adults was one of my greatest joys. I told my youngest on his 8th birthday that I was freezing him now on his birthday, he wasn't able to get older.
He looked at me all serious and said "I'll stay 8, but can I still have birthdays?" Time and Family is ever changing. Photographs with everyone present help preserve not only your memories but the kids memories also.

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Legacy Of Love

Candid family moments are some of the most precious. I want to help you be present and active in your family moments. Through photographs we can look back a week, a month, or 100 years from now to get back those moments we forget, or when the kids were to little to remember in the first place. Sharing our Legacy of Love to the next generations.

Kids Photography Camp

Sharing my passion for photography to our local youth was a highlight of my summer.

These kids amazed and inspired me to continue teaching what I love.

More classes coming soon!!